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Chalk Circle Writers
A group of Sussex-based writers producing fiction for publication. We meet regularly to discuss progress on individual work and to collaborate on joint projects. Our first anthology of flash fiction, STRATA - Slices through the human landscape, was published in November 2018.
STRATA 2 - Shadows on the Path, an anthology of longer stories illustrated by John Vernon Lord, was published in October 2021.


Celia Berggreen

Celia Berggreen lives in Mid Sussex, and loves spending time with her eight grandchildren. A retired teacher she enjoys seeing friends, walking, reading, and travelling. Two of her short stories have been published.

She is seeking an agent for her first novel set in Sussex and Denmark, and is working on her second, a mystery set in the local area.


Judith Bruce

Judith Buce (1936-2020)

worked as a BBC television producer before turning to writing.

Her memoir Funny How Things

Turn Out is published by 

Simon & Schuster.

She lived in Eastbourne and

was an enthusiastic blogger. 

Read more about Judith's life

and writing here.


Stuart Condie

After completing a Sussex University creative writing course, Stuart has written some twenty-five

short stories; three won prizes, two were placed and four published.

The Uganda Sails Wednesday was short listed for the Retreat West

first novel prize in 2018

and published by Red Door in 

September 2020.


Margiad Eckstein

Margiad Eckstein was brought

up on the North Wales coast and loves its literature and

rugged landscapes. 

She has been a teacher, a stand-up comedian and a baker's assistant.

She joined Chalk Circle in 2019

and is currently working on

stories inspired by Welsh history

and folklore.


Yvonne Hennessy

Yvonne Hennessy has lived in

Ditchling for over 25 years

with her husband, 

film-maker Luke Holland 

and their two sons. 

She enjoys writing, pottery, 

gardening and European travels.

She's been writing a historical

novel set in Venice for far far too long, and hopes to finish it one day.


Justine Johnstone

Justine Johnstone was born in 

South Africa, lives in the South Downs and fantasies about running away to Greece, the setting of some of her stories. She has worked in publishing and academia, and is writing a psycho-eco-thriller set in a near-future Sussex where overpopulation is a little worse than at present and 

psychopharmacology a little better.


Samanthi Munasing

Samanthi Munasing was

born in Sri Lanka and lives

in the village of Alfriston in

East Sussex.

She is an avid reader and

loves walking on the South Downs. Her story,

'Rice on a Banana Leaf' won third prize in the

Bath Short Story Award 2020.


Danielle Sensier

Danielle Sensier has Mauritian roots, 

grew up in Yorkshire, and calls Sussex home. Her poems for children and young people are already published.

She is seeking an agent for her first novel, 'Spook House Dreams', long listed in the Mslexia Fiction  Competition 2019, and is working on her second, inspired by a giant

wicker horse.


Jill Thomson

Jill Thomson lived in Lancashire, Scotland and Europe

before settling in Hurstpierpoint with her family.

She has worked in the

creative arts and as a teacher and enjoys reading, writing

and observing

the natural world. She joined Chalk Circle in 2021.

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