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Award-winning Illustrator presents author with artwork

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Internationally acclaimed V&A Illustrator of the Year, John Vernon Lord, presented author, Judith Bruce with a piece of his original signed artwork at a Ditchling book launch in November 2018. The artwork was commissioned by publisher Chalk Circle, for the front cover of its debut flash fiction anthology: STRATA – Slices through the human landscape.

Judith’s unusual story,The Little Prince, inspired John's startling artwork, which features tadpoles, a computer keyboard and a frog!

Judith was thrilled that John chose to illustrate her story for the cover and is delighted to own the original artwork. ‘Flash Fiction is a compelling form of story writing, perfect for a quick read but designed to leave a lasting impression. It is a truly challenging genre for a writer, although in my case I found it easier to do than the traditional short story. This could be because my first love as far as writing goes was poetry, which requires a similar amount of emotional compression.'

She has previously published a memoir, Funny How Things Work Out: Love, Death and Unsuitable Husbands – a Mother and Daughter Story, and is currently working on a new novel.

All the stories in the anthology are written by members of the Chalk Circle writing group: Jayne Block, Judith Bruce, Stuart Condie, Samantha Munasing and Danielle Sensier, with internal artwork by young up and coming artist, Tashi Reeve.

Copies of STRATA at £5 each are available to buy from Skylark Bookshop in Lewes, Much Ado Books in Alfriston and The Steyning Bookshop or by contacting Chalk Circle at

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