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Chalk Circle launches online shop

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Online shopping from Chalk Circle Writers

It just got a whole lot easier to buy

one of our books - or if you are a writer yourself, to pay for your Chalk Circle Short Story Competition entry at our new online shop.

Buy Chalk Circle Anthology online

Last few remaining copies of the STRATA 2018 flash-fiction anthology now available for direct delivery.

From fatal attractions to tales of triumph and despair . . . Sri Lanka to Sweden and France to Waterloo Bridge; a desert in America to a deathbed in suburbia. Intense, witty, poignant and shocking . . . 

Catherine Smith: ‘Poetic compression of language, and scrupulous selection of powerful imagery, make these sparkling narratives small but beautifully formed jewels of story-telling.'  

Enter Chalk Circle Short Story Competition 2020

'Most of us won’t change the world with the homespun stories we create during

these uncertain times but that doesn’t mean our writing isn’t worth sharing. 

Whether you are creating a dystopian nightmare, revelling in absurdist humour, or writing stories to celebrate what you love, or have discovered, and fear to lose, we invite you to submit your story to our inaugural short story competition'.

Closing Date 31 August 2020

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